100 Men Who Cook Beneficiaries

Meeting the Mental Health Needs of Our Community

Mental Health America of Tippecanoe County (MHA) and Willowstone Family Services work together in addressing the mental health needs of our community. The two organizations have collaborated on various projects and are excited about the 2017 100 Men Who Cook event.

Jennifer Flora, chief executive officer of MHA, explained, “Mental health issues impact so many of us. We know that one in four families is impacted by mental health challenges. Both Willowstone and MHA are dedicated to helping those one in four families here in our community, helping them access resources and appropriate care. We are dedicated to making a difference.”

Rebecca Sullivan, chief executive officer of Willowstone Family Services, added, “The funds brought in from the 100 Men Who Cook event will benefit both of our agencies in achieving our missions. And perhaps more importantly, the funds raised from this event will benefit people here in our community who have experienced mental health challenges.”

Mental Health America (MHA) is dedicated to achieving better mental health in Tippecanoe County. The MHA provides mental health education programs, resources, and supportive services.

The Center for Counseling at Willowstone Family Services provides both preventive and therapeutic mental health counseling designed to help families, children, couples, and individuals accomplish many goals.